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MySina is your 360° care solution.

We offer
Security and safety

Our focus is on the individual. For this reason, we offer 360° care that covers all aspects of your individual needs.

Our dedicated team offers a wide range of assistance, including care advice, determining care degrees and applying for care degrees. We also support you in applying for measures to improve your living environment in order to guarantee your well-being and safety. Our care on-call service is always at your side and our care manager coordinates all measures to ensure seamless care.

360° care
The optimum all-round package

Our service includes holistic care that accompanies and supports your individual care process.

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Safety and security
through color scheme

The caregivers are always reliably and clearly informed by the processing of the sensor data in the form of a traffic light display.

The resulting care steps are automatically transferred to the care plan and prioritized so that remedial action can be taken as quickly as possible.

Display of traffic light system in the MySina app
Elderly lady with daughter

Every person
has a story

Being informed at an early stage increases well-being and gives everyday life more security. People in need of care and relatives are supported in the following cases:

MySina ensures a healthy indoor climate. Humidity, temperature and air quality values are recorded by sensors and displayed in real time in the MySina app. This allows caregivers to intervene quickly and effectively in the event of unfavorable values.

With MySina, we ensure that the patient does not remain in the same lying position for too long in order to prevent pressure sores and other possible consequences. If prolonged inactivity is detected, this is reported in the MySina app.

MySina's moisture detection increases the well-being of the person being cared for by detecting even the smallest amounts of liquid and reporting them in the MySina app. This helps to prevent skin problems and other unpleasant consequences.

Indispensable in care: the emergency call button. For many people in need of care, it is one of their daily companions. MySina offers you the option of storing several contacts in the app so that you are well prepared for any situation and can offer the fastest possible help.

Older people are particularly at risk of falling, as they often no longer have the necessary surefootedness and strength to catch themselves. We want you to be warned immediately so that you can react quickly and help in an emergency.

The desire to leave one's own four walls is often overwhelming for people with dementia. Early notification of leaving home offers you the security of avoiding potential dangers for the person requiring care.

Our path
to sustainability

1 MySina Box = 1 tree

Support our mission to protect the environment by planting a tree for every product sold!

CO2-neutral shipping

Climate-friendly and CO2-neutral shipping with DHL - for a greener supply chain and a more sustainable future.

PEFC™ certified papers

We only use paper from sustainably managed forests with the PEFC seal for all MySina print materials.

Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg

Innovation through

In order to develop MySina based on the latest scientific findings, we have been working closely with Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg since the beginning of 2023.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Osterbrink, Director of the Institute for Nursing Science and Practice, has been a member of our Supervisory Board ever since.

In order to further develop MySina with the greatest success, we are working together on our "SensiCare" study.

"The last phase of life is often difficult and characterized by illness. In order to transform "too much" or "too little" care into "just right", digital support for those affected is the method of choice. MySina offers an evidence-based approach - and this is what sets it apart from all other systems on the market."

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Osterbrink


Working with first-class companies and organizations enables us to develop innovative solutions and continuously improve.

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MySina is backed by IT-Care Holding AG, a company founded by Rolf Krause with the aim of revolutionizing the care landscape. Rolf Krause is a German Internet pioneer and founder of several successful companies. He founded IT-Care Holding AG based on his personal experience with the challenges of the need for care in the private sphere. He firmly believes that the use of digital technologies and artificial intelligence can significantly improve the care situation.